Monday, 19 November 2018
  • AudioNet has over 5,000 hearing aid providers nationwide.
    AudioNet has over 5,000 hearing aid providers nationwide.

About AudioNet

AudioNet is a National Provider Network that sub-contracts with various Hearing Aid networks throughout the country to give eligible members the best selection of product and service under one network administrator. We have successfully sub-contracted with over 5,000 Audiologists/ENT's nationally to meet the contractual requirements of our customers, as well as the member's needs. Mandating only the most qualified providers to service our members and monitoring the quality of products rendered, AudioNet is able to bring a level of "Provider Accountability" to the Hearing Aid industry that has never before been seen. Negotiating for "State of the Art" digital products within a National Provider Network allows the eligible member a tremendous benefit enhancement of "up to Two (2) Standard Digital Hearing Aids, covered in full." The Fee Schedules, Product Models and Styles, etc., approved for distribution In-Network are outlined on this website.