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AudioNet | Hearing Benefit Administrator and Audiologist network serving Medicare, Medicaid, Voc Rehab, Commercial Plans, retiree and employer groups

A Hearing Benefits Administrator,
Not Another Discount Program

Driven by Care, Not Unit Sales

AudioNet is a hearing benefits administrator who is driven by care—not unit sales. With an average of 35 years healthcare experience, our executive team is comprised of industry experts who understand both the business and medical aspects of hearing benefits.

We offer a managed care model to the hearing industry, serving Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Employer Groups, Unions, and Third-Party Administrators (TPA). Our plan design is all-inclusive and through our pre-negotiated pricing structure, we guarantee no balance billing to the member when obtaining services in-network.

How We’re Different

No balance billing to members Independently Owned Meet Compliance & Contractual Obligations Fixed Fee Schedule "State of the Art" Digital Hearing Devices Claim savings of over 40% Audiologist Only Network Available

There’s a reason we do hearing benefits differently.
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